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MERLIN Graphic Battle: lessaofpern vs. m—emrys
Round #3: Alternate universe → BBC Merlin as a magical crime show

Detective Arthur Pendragon has a big gap to fill when his father, Uther Pendragon, is killed in a magical protest. After being told his whole life that magic is evil, he feels he must stop the Resistance—also known as ‘Druids’, a group of magical beings that are fighting for their freedom and their right to live—and his half-sister, Morgana Le Fay, who is subtle and terrible, and willing to destroy everything that crosses her path. When his partner Gwen is kidnapped by Morgana and brainwashed into believing that magic is the only good thing in the world, Arthur must ally with Merlin Emrys, a young, clever man who is new to the station. What Arthur doesn’t know is that Merlin has been told to be the key to bring peace to both worlds, and that he is also the most powerful sorcerer in the world.
Merlin has to balance his chances and make Arthur see the light: that the only way for the non-magical and magical world to coexist in harmony is to stop the slaughter and respect each side. But before that happens, they need to learn to coexist with the other, making sure they don’t break havoc before the world ends.

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